Mission and objective



To develop, continuously improve and offer the market specialized and innovative techniques and technologies, that based on the precise definition of the company's overall risks, allow for transparent and effective management of the company in accordance with new regulations, standards or prevailing market conditions.


Our goal is to allow managers, large and small investors to monitor the quality of the company's assets in real time, monitor the processes taking place in it and the execution of prescribed procedures.



EvaBeta is an independent company and leader in the field of Risk Certification, Monitoring of compliance with standards and internal policies (Policy Management & Compliance) and Portfolio management and offers innovative solutions for effective business management

We have long-term experience in the field of risk and modeling of complex business processes, including asset management, corporate risks and risks related to investment portfolio management


We have developed technology platforms which enable to assess different things using huge long-term information base, allowing you to make calculations on many variables and to execute detailed forecasts, taking into account different possible economic and financial scenarios

Market perspective



In recent decades efficient functioning of any business process requires the use of such tools as the certification procedures of accounting and internal processes.


Today greater complexity of these processes, the growing demands of investors to the business transparency, the increasing complexity of contractual relations and organizational structures require the introduction of innovative and transparent management practices as the guarantee of the interests of all beneficiaries.


Presentation of balance sheets also entered into a new phase where the dynamic and accurate measurement of the company position in the market based on effective techniques becomes even more important. Such an idea as "stochastic balance report" of the company is being born. There is a need to determine actions to monitor compliance standards and internal policies of the organization (Policy Management & Compliance).


All of the above mentioned leads to an increase in the need of more effective analytical methods and technologies in the field of risk analysis and operational management of a company. And at this stage there comes EvaBeta.