Raising efficiency of your investments

Crono is a result of twelve years of researches and practical developments

The main goal of Crono technology platform is to assist financial institutions, private capital consultants and individual investors in the area of investment management. Crono allows you to get professional advice on financial investment. The system includes the potential of thousands of trading systems and is able to work with investment managers that are committed to different strategies.


Compared to other systems, Crono is a flexible and easily customizable environment with the ability to receive instant, highly professional advice, a set of linear and non-linear models. These models are defined a priori, but thanks to special interactive tools, their work can be personalized according to customer needs. By changing the variables of the algorithms, you can customize models based on the management style, customer needs, and various market situations. But most importantly - the system allows you to get results far exceeding those offered by other tools in the management of financial portfolios.


Crono is created for:


  • companies operating in the field of capital management

  • banks for asset management

  • management companies for financial consultancy

  • private banking

  • independent financial consultants

  • individual investors

  • other financial planning and management companies


For each business area there is special version of Crono which is able to meet any need of any client