SME sufficiency evaluating system

Ecolo is the future approach to lending to small and medium-sized businesses, our main inspiration and philosophy is efficient transparency

The main feature of Ecolo is the unique approach to the analysis of a bank's client which is based not only on financial performance but also on the structural data of the enterprise seeking for a loan.


The collection of such data is carried out by means of questionnaires (180), which cover 794 activity types of SMEs in the sectors of trade, services and industry (production). Selection of suitable questionnaire for each client is done automatically according to the type of activity, and upon completion of the questionnaire the system determines the cluster (micro-segment) by identifying similarities of the business structures of the enterprises from one sector and their grouping according to specialization. The territorial factor is also taken into consideration, taking into account different economic situations in each territorial unit (city, town, village, etc.).


The base driver of evaluation is a regression model based on a large amount of collected structural data which serve as variable X on one hand and calculates the expected profit and income (Y) on the other.


The entire evaluation process is accompanied by internal and external audits aimed at identifying attempts to deceive and circumvent the system. The internal revision involves such factors as, for example, the number of freezing chambers in relation to the average turnover of meat, the adequacy of stock reserves, etc. External ones demonstrate whether the company is within their cluster with the help of specially designed coefficients for each micro segment.


The final report of the system is the outcome of internal and external audits and most probable company revenue corresponding to its structure, and of course the expected profit of the borrower under consideration. Also each user of the software (credit institutions) have the possibility to add specific indicators in the final report for the system to calculate.


5 250 000+

companies in international data base


specialization clusters

430 740

specific regional coefficients


types of activity

180 applications



27 min

average time to complete the questionnaire





22 min

average time to complete the questionnaire

38 min

average time to complete the questionnaire

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