Pension fund management assistent

PreviMANAGER is a tool for smart administration of pension funds

Long-term experience of Crono and innovative approach of Ecolo is embedded in PreviMANAGER. By connecting the platform to manage the fund you get an access to such key features as:


  • Duplication of fund Database ("data stockkeeping")

  • Identification of complex final function (activities modeling)

  • Separation of customers into clusters

  • Simulation of different scenarios

  • Hierarchical graphs

  • Building a Heat Map for clusters covering the entire territorial division of the country

  • Web-application for monitoring the business processes


The platform is not only automating the routine processes of pension funds, but also helps to choose the most efficient management decisions.


PreviMANAGER is a fresh product but it is already used by one of the largest pension funds in Italy Cometa.